Beekeeper Interview: Bee2Bee Honey

Our March box partner is Bee2Bee Honey, a Houston-based beekeeping collective. We asked Nicole Buergers a few questions and are delighted to share more about her groundbreaking venture with our readers and subscribers.

“Founded in 2015, Bee2Bee Honey Collective is Houston’s only commercial and backyard beekeeping service and online local honey marketplace. Founded by Nicole Buergers, a burnout B2B internet marketer, who decided to leave her corporate marketing agency and do something completely different. She both wanted to encourage “newbee” beekeepers as well as provide online retail services for the established hobbyist beekeeper.” (


Thank you, Nicole!

What inspired you to become a beekeeper?
In 2004, I watched a PBS series about beekeeping and was instantly hooked. Honey bees are fascinating and it seemed like a rewarding experience. I took beekeeping classes and read books, but as a renter, never thought I would become a beekeeper. I finally got my first hive in 2013 – a birthday present from my boyfriend Brenden.
Are you a full-time beekeeper? Is your family involved?
Most of the time, yes! When I’m not beekeeping, I have a few part-time jobs: I’m a cheesemonger at the Houston Dairymaids and marketing oracle at Nefer Games. I have a team of interns who help me.
What have bees taught you about life?
Resilience. We are stronger than we think we are.

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Beekeeper Interview: David Bock of Buzzed Honeys



Our January 2017 box featured Avocado Blossom honey from Buzzed Honeys, out of Los Angeles, California. We asked owner and beekeeper David Bock some questions to share with our Hive Box community.

How did you get started keeping bees? What inspired you? 

In 2013 my kids and I met a beekeeper selling honey at a Farmer’s Market (in Los Angeles). He was looking for places in the city where he could put a few hives. A week later we had 100,000 bees flying around our back yard.

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What’s coming in 2017


We’re excited about 2017!

This year, our subscribers and customers will find some new offers that will increase the value of the box while still keeping our monthly subscription rate affordable. Unfortunately, the U.S. Post Office raised rates this year, but we aren’t planning on raising our rates any time soon.

We’re partnering with a small, family-owned, treatment-free apiary to produce our own private label honey that will be available only in The Hive Box. We’ll offer this a few times in 2017 and get feedback from our subscribers.

We are also partnering with a candle company to create our own line of candles, too. Their beeswax is top quality with a beautiful burn.

The ever-changing landscape of ecommerce, social media, and the popularity of subscription boxes continues to change the game on a monthly basis (or so it seems.) We look forward to this year with excitement and anticipation, eager to share more goods from the Hive.

Wishing you a bee-autiful 2017,

The Hive Box Team

Our free “Bee Calm” Coloring Pages



We put together eight “Bee Calm” coloring pages and they’re free for anyone! If you haven’t jumped on the Adult Coloring bandwagon, it can be a relaxing way to unwind. My young daughters love these pages, too. One of my favorite bonding activities with my girls is to sit with them and chat while we share colored pencils and shade in bees and flowers.

If you’d like your own copy of our “Bee Calm” Coloring Pages, you can download them HERE. 

A simple honey facial recipe.



I hesitate to even call this a “recipe.” There’s one main ingredient: HONEY! You can customize it to suit your skin type with different edible ingredients, but even if you’ve left out the Optionals, you’d still be doing a wonderful thing for your skin.

Why is honey good for skin? We’ll go more in depth in another post, but the short story is, honey is a natural humectant (attracts moisture), is chock full of vitamins and antioxidants and more, and those are all ingredients that our skin craves. Try it and let us know how it goes!