7 Steps to Bee-Friendly Living!

People are vocal about “saving the bees!” and “save the pollinators!” but what does that look like on a regular basis? We put together this quick & easy read, breaking down 7 steps that you can implement TODAY to create a more bee-friendly lifestyle!


Our 7 Steps to Bee-Friendly Living features helpful tips like: Buy real, raw honey! Burn pure beeswax candles. Befriend the bees (in your garden), use honey in cooking and in baking, include bee products in your medicine cabinet, and more!

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We’re giving away a 3 month Hive Box subscription!


It’s the post-holiday blues. What better way to warm up than to give something away?

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Our free “Bee Calm” Coloring Pages



We put together eight “Bee Calm” coloring pages and they’re free for anyone! If you haven’t jumped on the Adult Coloring bandwagon, it can be a relaxing way to unwind. My young daughters love these pages, too. One of my favorite bonding activities with my girls is to sit with them and chat while we share colored pencils and shade in bees and flowers.

If you’d like your own copy of our “Bee Calm” Coloring Pages, you can download them HERE.